About Me

 is me.

I am a texting, Starbucks-drinking, Instagramming 90s baby who fell in love with teaching whilst studying abroad in Namibia, Africa.  I am a first-generation daughter of an entire Peruvian clan who keep me grounded.  All the SES statistics we learn about in college were stacked against me growing up, but I have a very tough mama who always made me promise to go to college and live the American dream.  I'm living it! 

I never planned on teaching Kindergarten but I don't think I'll ever leave it now.  I'm just starting to blog, but with the help of my followers, hopefully I will be able to provide a little bridge between practicing teachers and this generation of Spanglish-ified youth & their families.

One. More. Thing.
I have a pretty adorable dog.
His name is Mr. Darcy.
Don't forget to follow him on Instagram...I promise you won't regret it!


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