Friday, July 8, 2016

Read Well, Read Well!

Well, I'll be the first to admit that my reading groups did not hit their maximum potential this year.  I decided to spend some time pinning and reading up a little on some better, more invigorating ways to engage my kiddos this year! Thank GOODNESS Pinterest exists!

First, I needed a little refresher on Read Well since I've gotten a little sloppy in years.  Come to find out there were non-fiction booklets and an activity book that go with the curriculum that I have never seen in my life!
My goal is to search through my drawers and files for old laminated games we used to use during Walk to Read.  I have such a small group, there's really no reason not to split them into pairs or trios and work more intensively with them...but for that, I need independent work! 

All Students Can Shine has some great resources AND the perfect sequential order for these activities listed! Can't wait to run those off and keep them in a Walk to Read pull out! One Sharp Bunch also has some great RTI activities for those low kiddos.  I guess it all adds up, but usually our district offers some reimbursement for things like this, so I'll pay it forward this time.

Excited to re-vamp my teaching!!! Sometimes all it takes is some fresh new products and shiny new laminate!


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