In my district, we use Engage New York as our official curriculum. 
I'm quite partial to the Moffat Girls math packs well as The Printable Princess centers to keep my kiddos excited about math! They LOVE math time because it almost always equals center time. 

In September, we start with the Rakin' In the Learning Printable Princess pack, and we continue with monthly packs by her as the year goes on.  In September, centers can be a little rocky, requiring me to be on my feet the entire time, and sometimes requiring the help of parent volunteers! But as the year goes on, I'm needed less and less. 

We do rotations.  Everyone learns the members of their center group (which I review each month to adjust for ability levels, much like I do for walk to read groups).

There is a daily lesson target, which is assessed by me at one center.  The other centers help the kids practice related math skills, and I do my best to mix in "play" by having 2-3 centers known as "non-bag centers" in my class.  The black centers are "bag" centers because the Printable Princess activities are best kept in a ziploc bag.  And I ALWAYS include a cutting & gluing center, even though May!

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