ELA with ELLs is a subject very near and dear to my heart.  My mama taught me that acquiring AND EXCELLING at English was the key to living the American Dream, and she was not wrong! But she also made it clear that not speaking my home language was something to be ashamed of. I spoke Spanish with my family and English with my schoolmates. Despite that, I was a successful and early reader, and at a young age, I was above my peers in both reading & writing...but most ELLs are not so lucky! 

I have many products geared towards helping students grasp the skills we value in Kindergarten, yet many of my activities are in Spanish.  THIS is because parents often feel like they cannot help their children with English skills, as they sometimes do not speak English themselves! To that, I say

Students can still learn concepts like syllables, first sound fluency, and rhyming in either language.  The skills are transferable back to English when they are in the classroom. I always try to encourage my parents to try and participate in their home language!

Here are some activities & notes to help with some of these skills:
      Importance of Fluency Note Home                               ELA Activities for Car Rides

                                                                                         Syllable Practice  
           DIBLES practice every month!  


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